Following The secret

Hey guys,

We got a chance to watch the highly recommended movie (The Secret) last night. Although, I’ve believed in the secret for a very long time, I hadn’t seen the movie and really got a feel for what others believed as far as the secret was concerned. I must say that it was quite a great experience for me along the lines of being very confirming.

If you haven’t seen it, I will encourage you to do so and do it with an open mind. I did and I have become greatly motivated to live out the secret and think my life into existence. This is not to say that I am not living out my dreams now because I absolutely am living out my dreams, but I’ve been inspired to dream bigger and make those dreams come alive. I believe that I’ve been dreaming on a basic level, holding myself back in a lot of ways with the word “realistic”and  all that it means… to me, that meaning has easily become a blocker of most things… Dreams aren’t supposed to be realistic. Thats why they’re called dreams…

Be encouraged people.

Redefining Realness

ImageDon’t miss the opportunity to start reading Redefining Realness on this cold snowed in day. It’s a must read for all trans and trans related people, in my opinion.

NJ Woman Charged With Manslaughter in Botched Buttock Injection Death

This is what you call Awareness

If only it were that simple


There are times when the problems of life become all that you can think about. If there isn’t one thing, there’s another is the way most of us look at it. I often say, in my head, if only I could take a pill for this, if only I can take a pill for that…everything would be so much better. I think we all know that that’s not true. Although there are a lot of medications that help people to get through their everyday lives and many of these meds have been proven to be, in many ways, life savers.

Although, I lot of us wake up in the morning and pop that pill for our “normal” depression and anxiety issues and the day seems to flow live the river afterwards, but when the water stills we are still left feeling dark and empty.  These pills do not fill the empty holes that we find ourselves trying to fill on a daily basis.  There is no pill for love, hope, fulness of life.. With that said , we have to do the self work needed to feel complete.  By all means, get what you need! but don’t rely on it to make you feel complete. It won’t work!


ImageDon’t miss the opportunity to start reading Redefining Realness on this cold snowed in day. It’s a must read for all trans and trans related people, in my opinion. 

The Beginning

Here it goes. I’m now able to invest in this and its going to be amazing. Get ready people. I welcome you all DMV Trans Circulator! Let’s begin this journey

Depression Is Here

Often we think that the moment we begin our steps towards transitioning our depression goes away. How great it would be if that were true, but the reality is that it, in most ways, increases. I’m not too sure if its the addition of the hormones mixed with our emotions, but in most cases it gets pretty bad. In many cases, the extreme change in emotions that trigger a bad feeling about the way we  see ourselves  along with the way we can start making  ourselves believe what others think about us can lead to suicide.

I, myself have many days where I feel like life is the worst thing ever. I constantly blame myself for not having true love and companionship. I tell myself that if I weren’t transgendered I’d already be married having kids and building a life thats “normal”. I know that I am not alone with these feelings. there are so many transgendered people who cry themselves to sleep at night wondering when is life going to change? when is it going to all stop and finally become what they thought it would be?

The reality is that there will always be issues in life. The fact that we are so hard on ourselves for being trans increases our depression and holds us back. Almost arresting us to depression. Although I’m fighting through depression, I want to ecourage people to be strong enough to fight this fight with me. Sure! we don’t always fit into society the way that we’d like to and dating/finding a partner isn’t always as ideal as we’d like it to be, but we can support one another by building a strong community of support that will provide strength to lift us up.

Depression Is here, but we can beat it!depression